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Selected Exhibitions:


Starts exhibiting in 1974

2005: Opera Gallery, Hong-Kong

2007: Opera Gallery, Singapour
2010: Opera Gallery, "Crazy Colours", Paris
2011: "Pop and Street Art" Château de Pommard
2012:  Opera Gallery,"I want to be loved by you...", Paris
2013:  Opera Gallery, "The many faces of David  Bowie", London

"Scope Art Basel", Paris

Art Southampton N.Y., Paris

            Istanbul Art Fair, Paris
2014: Art Stage Singapour

Art Miami U.S.A

Scope Art Basel

Art Palm Beach

Art14 London`

Art Southampton N.Y

          Art Hamptons N.Y
2015: Scope Art New York

          Art Palm Beach

          Art Wynwood

          Scope Miami Beach

          Context Miami

2016: Contemporary Istanbul

          Art Wynwood

          Scope Art New-York

          Art Stage Singapore

          Art 16 London

          Art Central Hong-Kong

2017: Art Basel Miami

          Context Miami

          Scope Art Basel

2018: Guy Hepner Gallery NY

          Art Basel Miami

          Contemporary Istanbul

          Art Palm Beach

          Scope New York

2019: Art Basel

          Ransom Art Gallery London

          Art Basel Miami

          Contemporary Istanbul
2022: Art Basel Miami

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